''two thousand ten''

Hello people :)

I want to say some important things:

2009 was a great year for me, I have learned so much, real friends, fake friends, cooking, doing more my best for school, I have learned myself better than before, what I like, what I want, new music and new people.
But I can learn so much more! And i hope that's going to be the next years.
I want to be myself, I want to find myself, to create my own style !
And that’s what I like by people, as they being themselves.

2010 will be hopefully a great year.
In 2010 I want to learn new people, playing guitar and doing more my best for school,
Going to concerts, La Roux February 20, and having lots of fun.
I wish everyone a fun, lovely, sweet, great and a HAPPY 2010 !

lots of kisses

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